Conditions of Use

These Conditions set out the basis on which you can visit and use our website and services. Please read them carefully as they contain important information.

Bike Hangar, Rent a Hangar and Bike Hubs, and the associated apps and websites, are owned by BikeAway Ltd (Company registration number 4235572). If you want to ask us anything about these Conditions or have any comments or complaints on or about this website or these services, please contact us.

In these Conditions references to we, us and our, shall be references to Bike Hubs/Bike Hangars/BikeAway Limited. We may change these Conditions from time to time without notice to you and any changes will apply to subsequent bookings received.

  1. Responsibilities
    1. The Hangar is to be used solely for cycle parking and not for storage of any other items without prior agreement
    2. The Hangar must not be used by a third party at any time without the prior agreement of BikeAway Ltd
    3. The Hangar must be kept securely locked at ALL times with the drop plate in the up position.
    4. BikeAway may share details of bike hangar users with the hangar owners
    5. Neither Bikeaway Ltd nor the hangar owners accept any liability for bicycles or personal belongings damaged in or stolen from the hangar
    6. If a bike cannot be retrieved from a hangar by rental session end time, the hangar user must let Helpdesk know. Failure to do so may jeopardise the security of the bike
  2. Registering
    1. You will need to be registered with us to book a Bike Hub space. Register through www.rentahangar.co.uk or via the Bike Hubs app
    2. You must provide a contact mobile telephone number and update us if this changes
    3. The email address provided upon registering must be accessible by the smart phone being used to access the locker. If this changes the user profile must be updated
    4. A unique user identifier will be allocated upon registration
    5. Additional identification may be required before access can be granted to a hangar at some locations
  3. Booking
    1. Bike Hangars can be booked at no less than 15 minute intervals. In some locations minimum booking times will be set at longer intervals
    2. Booking must be for total time required. Your booking time cannot be extended
    3. You are not able to use a Bike Hub space without a confirmed prior booking
    4. A hangar will be allocated at time of booking
    5. Only one hangar booking can be made by a user at any particular time. One session must have finished before another can be booked
    6. Additional identification may be required before access can be granted to a hangar at some locations
    7. Please ensure you have booked the hangar for the total time required: Late return will incur a fine of £20
    8. Once confirmed, a booking cannot be cancelled or amended
    9. A hangar cannot be accessed without the BikeHubs app which needs to be downloaded to a Smart phone.
    10. Misuse including late return may result in a penalty fine or exclusion from using bike hangars/hubs in the future
  4. Payments
    1. Full payment is required at time of booking and is non- refundable
    2. Payment due can differ according to location
    3. A 20 pence processing fee is applied to all bookings
    4. All payments must be made by card on the website
    5. Any penalty charge will be registered as a debit against the user identifier and added to the amount due
  5. App
    1. A Smart Phone minimum version for Android:11 IOS:12 is required to use the App
    2. The App must be downloaded to be able to open any hangar. This may need to be periodically updated to function correctly.
    3. The hangar access code must be requested from the app. It will be sent by email to the registered email address.
    4. The access code can only be requested from the app once the booking start time has been reached.
    5. App will need to be refreshed to display ongoing booking at session start time.
  6. Helpdesk
    1. In case of difficulties please call BikeHubs helpdesk on 01752 202116
  7. Cancellations
    1. Once confirmed, a booking cannot be cancelled or amended
  8. Statutory Rights
    1. These terms and conditions do not affect your legal rights.